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6 Reasons Why Everyone Should Be Container Gardening

Posted by Best Gardening Team on 5/15/2018
6 Reasons Why Everyone Should Be Container Gardening
Here are 6 reasons why you should start a container garden at home:

Soil: Containers make it easy to tailor the soil to the particular plant your growing. For instance, you might want the soil for your tomatoes to be slightly more acidic then the soil for your green beans to produce a higher yield of each. Many issues that arise with a new crop our a direct result of poor soil conditions. Things like root-rot and the wilts can be prevented because you will know exactly what’s in the soil for each crop. This method also allows you to mix in sand for certain crops like beans that need more freedom to breath and drain.

Sunlight: Every crop is different. Some need more sun than others. Growing your veggies in planters allows you to put the plants that need the most light in the areas of your home or yard that get nearly constant sun. 

Water: Container gardening makes it a breeze to control how much or how little water each of your plants are getting. It’s easier to insure the soil in a container is fully saturated than it is a plot of dirt in the corner of your backyard. Less water wasted means more money in your pocket at the end of the season to invest in new crops or containers.


                                                      The best place to start is deciding what to plant.

Better Yield: Containers create a level playing ground for each crop. Plants grown in potting mix just tend to do better because the conditions are perfect. Prefect conditions mean your plants will be healthier, more abundant, and more likely to live longer. This helps you to get the most bang for your gardening buck. Not to mention, if the conditions are perfect that leaves very little maintenance for you.

Empowerment: Container gardens are inclusive. This method is easier which makes it a great fit for children, seniors, and individuals with back and knee problems. Containers allow you to elevate the plants eliminating the need to bend or kneel to care for the garden. This elevation also puts your plants right at eye level for children making this method a great learning and interactive project.       

Convenience: This method truly is the most convenient way to garden because it’s flexible. Weather you have a small space or a large patio that is just missing something; container gardening is a great option. Often times we can’t tailor a project to our specific needs container gardening is an exception. If your just looking for an easy way to get the fresh herbs you require in the kitchen simply plant a mix in a small patio container. Do you ever struggle to find your favorite varieties for veggies at the farmers market? Simply plant what you like and freeze any excess for when the seasons over.      

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