About Us

BestGardeningSupplies.com has been in the Lawn and Garden business since 1994. As a manufacturer and distributor, we have the ability to stay on the forefront of new trends and products in the market.
We attend industry trade shows and are able to acquire new and cutting edge products with long standing quality.
Best Gardening Supplies has developed numerous products to help customers with their gardening needs, such as plant caddy and plant dolly. The plant around is another of our attractive garden pots. It is a wonderful and easy way to dress-up any porch or patio.
The E-Z Bagger has revolutionized the way homeowners bag leaves. No more fighting to keep the bag open while filling it with leaves. The E-Z Bagger simply holds the bag for you while you gather the leaves. It also works great as an outside trash can while camping!
Best of all, many of our products are made in the USA.
Shop our store and see the many things we have to offer. Give us a call or email us if you have any questions.
Thanks for stopping by and shopping with us!