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Indoor Herb Garden

Posted by Best Gardening Team on 3/1/2021
Indoor Herb Garden

Starting an indoor herb garden is easy. All you need is a sunny spot, a few herbs and a planter to show them off! Soon you’ll be on your way to having a supply of fresh herbs for your meals.

First, decide on a location. Choose a spot that gets at least six hours of sunlight each day. You want a location that stays between 55 and 75 degrees. If you’re choosing a windowsill, you may need to move plants away from the window when temperatures are frigid. Also, keep your herbs away from drafts and heating and cooling vents.

Second, grab some herbs. You can start from seed or purchase plants from your local garden center. There are plenty of herb varieties to choose fromBasil, Thyme, Parsley, Chives, Mint, Oregano, Lemongrass, Rosemary, Lemon Balm, Sage and Marjoram to name popular choices. Be sure to check the growing requirements of each plant you’ll be placing together to ensure their sunlight, temperature and watering needs are similar.

Third, choose your planter. Make sure it has enough room for the herb roots to stretch out—4 to 6 inches will do. Herbs also need good drainage, so drill drainage holes or choose planters that already have them. Choose a quality potting soil or a soilless mix rather than garden soil that’s heavier.

Fourth, water your herbs regularly. But not too much or you’ll get root rot. Afraid you’re not watering enough? Stick your finger into the soil about an inch down and if it’s dry, water your herbs. You can also use a spray bottle to mist your herbs a couple times a week.

Fifth, pick and enjoy! Harvesting encourages new growth so use those beautiful leaves! Pick off any dead leaves so you’ll get new growth. If your herbs sprout flowers, it’s best to cut them off. They just take energy away from growing leaves.


It’s that easy to create an indoor herb garden! Let us know your thoughts on herb gardening and check out our selection of planters.

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