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Romanesco: Your Next Adventure

Posted by Best Gardening Team on 2/15/2018
Romanesco: Your Next Adventure

It goes by many names:

  • Romanesco
  • Roman Cauliflower
  • Roman Broccoli
  • Broccoflower
  • Space Broccoli
  • Fractal Food
It makes perfect sense that we would struggle with what to call it, but we here at BSG think it looks and tastes awesome.

Ever since we were kids our parents have been telling us to try new things. In some instances, it can be hard to break out of our daily routines and rituals, especially with trying new foods, with one exception, Romanesco. It might seem crazy to get this excited about a vegetable but let’s face it; this Space Broccoli is one of the most impressive looking things on the planet.

Romanesco is in season late fall to the end of winter. It takes around 65 days to be ready for harvest. As long as you can be sure it will get at least five hours of sunlight, it can be easily grown in a pot on your back porch. Just be sure when potting you select a loose well-draining potting mix.

Much like it’s cousins in the cabbage family, it’s high in vitamin K and C. In lay terms it is great for bones and tissue health with the added bonus of naturally detoxifying and boosting your immune system.

As far as flavor goes, it lands somewhere between cauliflower and broccoli. Keeping in mind here at BGS we’re not professional chefs, so the best way to describe the flavor would be: Think mild cauliflower with a kiss of broccoli, although less bitter, with a slight earthy note of nuttiness and natural sweetness.

If you ask the internet what is the best way to cook these beauties, the overwhelming response is Roast It! This is easy enough; 425° for 12-18 minutes on a well-oiled cooking sheet. The result is a delicious side dish that pairs well with nearly any protein. Honestly, our favorite recipe we’ve found is this Romanesco Broccoli Soup. We found it on Pinterest and it was a real hit. Something we have yet to experiment with is pickling these lovelies, but there is no doubt it is amazing.

If you have tried growing, cooking, or pickling romanesco; please leave a comment and tell us about your experience. Just remember, the next time you’re in search of something new reach for Romanesco.

Disclaimer: Here at Best Gardening Supplies we are not doctors, health care professionals or nutritionists. This is general information not intended to diagnose any medical condition or to replace your healthcare professional. Remember to be safe, be healthy and never try anything you feel may be dangerous or put you in harm’s way.

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